You are not going to become great overnight

I was thinking about every profession in life and the training that goes along with it.  Sometimes we get excited about the new position we have and we want to get started right away. What would happen if they let a student have a scalpel on their first day of medical school? What if  the police academy sent first day students out to a big drug bust?  Obviously both of these scenarios would have a bad ending.  Anyone who has ever been in the military has to go through boot camp.  You don’t start out as a General. People in the corporate world have to learn the business to get promoted.  No one gets to be CEO unless they have previous training.  Well known men and women who you see preaching and teaching to thousands did not get there overnight.  There is studying and training in everything you want to excel in.  You need to start hanging out and learning from someone who has more experience than you.  You may have to do some work that seems boring or is not what you want to do. There is more to becoming a great leader than having the knowledge for whatever profession you are in.  You need practical training from someone who is an expert. Be willing to learn from someone else.  Be open to constructive criticism.  Becoming a great leader is learning to be an example. Others will follow someone who will lead by example.  Don’t be  to good or too smart to do something you ask someone else to do.


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