Keep messing with it and it will never heal!

Recently I had a sore on my lip and I could not leave it alone. I would put lip balm and coconut oil on it and then a few minutes later I would start touching it. Have you ever had a sore or maybe even a pimple that just would not heal?
Sometimes we get hurt from something someone does or says to us. We ask God to help us when this happens. But instead of accepting his healing touch and getting on with our lives, we keep thinking about the hurt. We keep dwelling on what was done to us. We walk around making sure we avoid that person so we do not get hurt again. We put so much value in what they did and stay focused on them, that we take our eyes off of God and what He did. He has given us freedom from allowing the enemy to distract us! We need to realize just as that person that hurt us is not perfect, neither are we. Keep you eyes on Jesus or that hurt will never heal.


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