I am a list person! What about you?

to do list

I was thinking about how I am definitely a list person.  I make lists for everything!  I seem to get more done this way.  If you are a lister you know what I mean.  I love the feeling of being able to mark through the task once it is completed!  I was thinking about my Life “to do” list and what it really is.  I came up with a general list of what I want “to do” the rest of my life.  I am going to start using it as a guide for my everyday life.  I will evaluate what I am doing on a daily basis an make sure it is covered in the list.  

Father God, I come to you and ask that you help me to complete the tasks on my “to do” list.  If anything that I am involved in is not helping me get the list done, please show me so I can change it and realize it is not important. I ask it in Jesus name, amen.


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