When you are not here or there, just in between

    As I was thinking about life and how I along with many others live it, I realized most of my life has been “when I get there”.  You might think you don’t live that way, but you may be surprised.  My husband and I are always setting goals and live a busy life between ministry and our business. We have wall calendars, online calendars, and cell phone calendars filled with the next event or appointment.  Some of you may not be that “calendarized”.  I think I just made that word up.  Anyway I am sure you get the idea.  

    We all look forward to vacation every year.  We look forward to Friday at the end of the work week.  We look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with family (especially grandkids).  We get excited when we are going to see and old friend.  We get excited about Sunday’s because we get to meet with God’s people and enjoy the Word and fellowship.  You might be one of those like me when involved in a fitness challenge you have a certain goal you would like to reach.  

    We recently resigned from several ministry positions in our church because we were tired of being Martha and needed to be Mary.  There is nothing wrong with looking forward to those “there” moments, but it is important to enjoy the in between everyday not so exciting moments.  I have had some of my most creative thoughts on those days that have helped me get to the “there” moments.  I started writing a book for women 4 years ago and recently it became available on Amazon.  The in between is what got me “here”.  The in between is what helps us enjoy the “there” moments.  Let’s enjoy the in between because w whole lot can happen and change us that we can’t see.  I am certainly not the same person I was when I first started writing my book. The in between may not seem exciting, but a lot happens.  A great example is Esther becoming an orphan and being taken to be groomed for The King.  She was exercising her faith during the “in between” time and when she got “there” she helped save a nation.  Let God work on you during the “in between”, and you will be amazed when you get “there”. 

Keeping it real as always




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