Every New Season Should Bring Changes

We recently went on a road trip from NY to northern Michigan.  It is always a fun experience when me and my husband are traveling together.  We try to enjoy the journey no matter where we are going.  I was noticing the beautiful fall foliage and was truly enjoying all the wonderful colors of the season, when I noticed something I had never paid attention to before.

The leaves on the sides of the trees where there was shade were still hanging on, unlike the leaves that were touched by the sun.  This made me think about our spiritual walk with God and how we should have new seasons and continue to change every year.

Spring should represent the new seeds of God’s Word being planted as we study and partake in hearing the Word.  Summer is when that Word is growing and bearing fruit and it is evident to everyone.  Fall is when all the old stuff that needs burn up starts coming off.  Most of the time this happens when we go through a time of testing and walking through the fire.  We are either going to draw closer to God and let go of the dead weight to make room for new growth or we give up and die.

This reminds me of a huge tree that is in my mom’s front yard and has been there for decades.  Every year it yields the most gorgeous leaves that turn a bright yellow in fall.  Every fall hundreds of leaves fall off this tree but the tree is still standing.  We have to let all of the stuff from yesterday fall off to make room for new growth.

Winter is the time when we just stand tall and strong.  We stand in being rooted and grounded in God’s Word and wait for the new growth that will take place as the season changes.

I want to keep changing and growing for Jesus.  Father please help me to let you make the changes you want.  I pray my stubborn attitude does not hinder all the great things You want to do in my life.

Keeping it real as always,

Be blessed



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