Changes Part 2

It has been a few months since I have been on here.  We have been living life and dealing with lots of changes.  We have experienced many challenges and trials during this time.

Aren’t we suppose to be joyful about these moments?  James wrote about that.  But I need to be real with you.  It is hard during the trials sometimes to see the big picture.

I now see so many pieces of the puzzle that led us to where we are now.  During the past few months we have had to focus more on trusting God for His provision and guidance.  There were times we felt all alone and we leaned even more on God.  So the awesome part is all these trials did change us, brought us closer to God, and put a new fire in our heart.

We have grown in our walk with God in big ways because of these trials.  So yes now I do rejoice that we went through them.  By the way we have seen God do amazing things that only He could have done.

We now are getting ready to move on to a new adventure in North Carolina.  This means a new community and church to grow with and do whatever God has for us to do.

I am excited and yes a little nervous!!!  But I know it is going to be great!!!

Just keeping it real as always, Michele

count it joy


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