Rejoicing and resting in the blessing


Have you ever been so busy with a task that you forgot how to rest?  The past couple of weeks I have been going non-stop preparing for our big move.  Well yesterday was the  big day for traveling to our new state and I realized everything I had been preparing for was finally coming to pass.  As I traveled all those miles my heart and mind started calming down and it was a wonderful peaceful time to rejoice and be thankful.  I just started praising God for all of the strength that He gave me to accomplish the big move.

Has God given you something to prepare for? Is it a lot of hard work?  Maybe you are having a Family Day at church or a community and clothing giveaway.  Whatever you are preparing for, don’t forget to rest a long the way.  Do not allow satan to get you so stressed out making you think you can’t finish the task.  If God told you to do it, He WILL help you.  Recruit others to help you.

Make sure you remember the day of you event when everyone is enjoying the benefits of your hard work that you just thank God for allowing you to be part of such an awesome blessing.  Thank Him and rest in knowing He did help you complete what He asked you to start.

Keeping it Real as always



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